Trustworthy Domestic Cleaners in the Shoreham Area

We are The Cleaning Biz, one of a network of small domestic cleaning companies that operate locally and nationally. Our own company covers major coastal locations in West Sussex including Shoreham, a small seaside town with a growing residential population. If you have been looking for a team of domestic cleaners who are hardworking, reliable and completely trustworthy, The Cleaning Biz is here to help.

All Domestic Cleaning and Household Chores Covered

The entire purpose of our cleaning company is to handle the household chores that you simply don’t have the time to undertake yourself. We’ll even help out with the ironing if it makes life a little bit easier for you. We carefully screen all of our domestic cleaners before assigning them to work inside any property in the Shoreham area. All you need to do is to let us know when you’d like a cleaner to visit and we’ll do the rest.

We provide a letter of introduction that outlines any cleaning requirements you may have and the days on which you’d like one of our domestic cleaners to attend. We’ll include a standing order mandate for you to sign, date and return. Your mandate will not be processed until a cleaner is allocated. The Cleaning Biz can also advise you on the best ways to get the most from our domestic cleaners.

While we very rarely fail to attend properties in Shoreham on scheduled dates, we realise that unexpected things can happen on either side of the agreement. We strongly recommend you exchange numbers with your cleaner for this purpose. Always give our domestic cleaners an outline of what you expect them to achieve in the time you are paying for. If you are in anyway dissatisfied with an assigned cleaner, we promise to replace them.