Detailed Cleaning Services from Our Spring Cleaners in Shoreham

While many of our customers in the Shoreham area use our domestic cleaners on a weekly basis, some property owners come to our company to discuss more detailed work. We have a trustworthy and reliable team of spring cleaners who are capable of handling the toughest and most challenging projects. The quality of our cleaning work sets your house up perfectly for the summer months when neighbours and guests will be visiting more regularly.

Our spring cleaners work directly for our company, which operates locally in Shoreham as part of a wider national network. All cleaners on our books undergo stringent vetting before we hire them. We believe that our customers should have complete confidence when somebody is working inside their home. Every one of our spring cleaners is honest, reliable, trustworthy and capable of working conscientiously without supervision.

What to Expect from our Spring Cleaners

Clients in the Shoreham area can expect a much more detailed service from our spring cleaners than they would from one of our scheduled weekly visits. We provide a complete top-to-bottom cleaning experience, including any special requirements you may have. This is a deeper, more intensive cleaning service that many property owners in Shoreham won’t have time to undertake themselves to such high standards.

In the kitchen, our spring cleaners can detail clean drawers and cupboards, both inside and out. We can also pay attention to appliances such as fridges, freezers, cookers and microwaves. Cupboard tops can be cleared of accumulated dust, finger prints can be removed from switches and sockets, walls can be cleared of grease and stainless steel sinks can be polished to a professional shine.

Bedrooms and living rooms can also be attended to by our spring cleaners. Homeowners in Shoreham can expect picture frames to be dusted and polished, skirting boards to be wiped clean, the floor beneath beds and sofa to be properly tidied and we’ll even detail your bookcases, wardrobes, drawers and dressers. A spring clean from our company will prime your property for the year ahead at a fair and affordable price.